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Post by : BRIG. SANDEEP RAWAT Post on : 04.01.2020

Dear Friends,

A very warm Namaste and a resounding Jai Hind!

Here we are again.  Since my last (and introductory) blog yesterday, I have realized that I have not cleared the air about the second WHY, viz, why this blog now?  Well, as it happens, I superannuated (ie, retired, in bureaucratese) on 31 Jul 19 and have since joined an institute called Impact, which is engaged in preparing young persons for joining the Indian Armed Forces, with a focus on joining the National Defence Academy (NDA).

Since then, as people have come to know about my new assignment, I have been besieged by a number of queries from people who would like to know about the Armed Forces, the way to get into one of these as an officer, the various academies training cadets to become officers, the process of selection into these – especially at the Service Selection Boards (SSBs), the qualities that a person needs to possess to be selected, how to prepare for the written examinations and the SSB, how to enhance a particular facet of one’s personality – the list is practically endless!

I was left wondering why in this age of the omnipresent and omniscient Google, would people call me up for information, most of which is available practically on one’s fingertips.  It gradually dawned on me that a personal input from someone who has first-hand experience and knowledge about a subject is somehow more assuring than a bland read out from a web site.  Moreover, the queries can be more nuanced and the answers more personalized if the respondent at the other end is a human being and not some unfeeling server (though with the advances in Artificial Intelligence, one wonders how long this difference will last)!

Well, to cut a long story short, I thought, why not put out this and other related information out as a blog, where more people can access it.  This will also allow me to respond to any specific query any reader may have, either individually through my personal email address, or, if the response to a query is likely to be of interest to a wider audience, through a blog post.

So, there you have it – the ‘Why’ answered.

In my next post, I propose to give you an insight into Impact, which is doing yeoman service in guiding aspiring youngsters to join the Indian Armed Forces, before venturing out into other issues, including some personal experiences and observations.

See you soon!!

Till then, Farewell.



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