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The objective of S.S.B. training at the Impact is to provide a clear understanding on critical aspects of Personality Assessment at Service Selection Board Personality is a dynamic organised set of cognitive characteristics possessed by a person which uniquely influences his/her behavior in verifying situations. Accordingly Personality at S.S.B. is assessed on certain facets called Officer Like Qualities broadly classified as Planning & Organizing Ability, Social Adjustment, Social Effectiveness and Dynamism. S.S.B. selection process has two stage testing i.e. Screening Test and Main SSB Test. The Screening Test comprises Intelligence Test and Picture Perception & Description Test. Only after qualifying in stage-I, candidates are put through main SSB Test. Main SSB test comprises the Psychology Test, Group Test and the Interview. These tests are conducted by experts over a period of five days. At Impact we provide two weeks of training covering all aspects of SSB to include Screening Test, Intelligence Test and Main Personality Test culminating into conduct and assessment of Personality. Impact has a team of experts having rich experience of factual assessment at Services Selection Board. Impact has even been invited for conduct of personality assessment by renowned institute IIM Indore.

If “YOU HAVE IT IN YOU“, we promise to help you develop your personality to suitable levels to same the new pattern S.S.B.

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