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What makes the NDA exam so tough?

What makes the NDA exam so tough?

Post by : BRIG SANDEEP RAWAT Post on : 14.06.2022

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A NDA aspirant before diving into the preparation must wonder about the general probability of him/her passing. Well, fret not understanding the hurdle ahead of you is the first and foremost step.

Concise NDA Selection Criterion

Unlike the rest of competitive exams, NDA exams are considered to be tough. Due to their vast amount of syllabus, extensive written exam, group discussions, interview, medical checks, physical and mental tests as well. Understanding all the nitty-gritty details is not required just yet, but it is paramount to understand what is the basic requirement to pass the hurdle.

The First Hurdle: Written Exam
NDA written exam mainly consists of two parts, A) Mathematics and B) General Knowledge.

All the questions in the exam will be objective. There will be a total of 150 questions in GAT while the Mathematics part will carry a total of 120 questions. Each section of the exam will be held for 2 ½ hours. The GAT section will be for 600 marks while the Mathematics section will carry 300 marks.

There is an amplitude of significance to get each objective right as negative marks are awarded for every incorrect answer.
It is a monumental task to prepare, however we have provided a link here. Knowing what to study rather than mugging up or surface reading through many topics. Prepare for topics which have higher priority based on your weakness or marks. Not cutting down the syllabus in smaller and digestible pieces is what makes the first hurdle hard.

The Second Hurdle: SSB Interview

Candidates who have passed and get into the merit list for this interview. The 5 days are the most crucial for the candidates as they are churned through following tests.

Day 1: General Screening

Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR):
This test is conducted to judge the candidates ability on various general knowledge topics. Exam consists of 50-55 questions found to test one’s analytical skills, Logical thinking, simple linguistics, and mathematics.

Picture Perception Description Test (PP&DT):
A blurred picture is shown, and candidates have to write;a story on it, narrate it and then discuss it with the group members to make a common story.

Day 2: Psychological Test
Thematic Apperception Test (TAT):
This test is conducted in a similar way and under the same circumstances as PP&DT. Here, rather than showing you the blurry picture, here, a clear yet ambiguous picture is displayed.

Word Association Test (WAT):
Each Candidate is required to promptly answer a word for every word they are screened. Fifteen seconds for every word is the time limit.

Day 3 and Day 4: GTO (Group Testing Officers) :
These 2 days are just about group testing and group tasks are carried out. All the tests that are required to be performed in groups are conducted in a span of two days. Activities like Group Discussion, Group obstacle course, Group Planning and Group tasks are some of the key tasks.

Day 5: Conference:
This final day even after surpassing all the barriers and challenges, you still have to face a grueling interview, interrogated by all the board examiners, psychologists, GTO’s and technical officers present.

The Third Hurdle: Medical Examination

Finally, after all the mayhem and stress. A Medical test is conducted for 4-5 days that tests your eyesight, body alignment and a thorough body checkup.
Here, you may feel like this test is out of your hands, but you can conduct a full medical checkup from a general hospital beforehand and take doctor’s advice on how to improve or correct them.

The Finale
The final moment where the answer if all your efforts were worth it or they went in vain is presented. The harsh fact is that not all candidates that are recommended are selected in the final merit list.
We hope that the information that we have outlined proves fruitful to the future officers out there .Mentally preparing and understanding what is required is always a good first step.



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