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Post by : BRIG. SANDEEP RAWAT Post on : 29.01.2020

Dear Friends,

A very warm Namaste and a resounding Jai Hind! And greetings and felicitations on the joyous occasion of our Republic Day!!

Though delayed unduly, as promised, let me acquaint you with the institute that I am now a part of – IMPACT.


Lieutenant Colonel Piyush Bahuguna (Retired), the director, who is an old (as in time, not age!) Army buddy and a dear friend, left a checkered Army career to translate his vision of a focused Training Institution “with a difference” into reality. Thus, in 2003, IMPACT Coaching & Educational Services Private Limited came into being. IMPACT adopted a mission to motivate and train young boys and girls for a career in the defence services. IMPACT commenced the maiden course by providing a wholesome package comprising preparation for written exams and SSB training for a career in the Defence Services. Within a short time of its launching, IMPACT was able to make a mark in the field of training for the Defence Forces.

However, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Of course, there was an initial period of struggle, when the institute felt starved of students (what to talk of success!) and funds.  It is in this period, from 2003 to 2010, that Col Bahuguna, in order to keep IMPACT alive, ventured into the field of training aspirants for CAT for management training institutions.  He was also a visiting faculty at Career Launcher in this phase.

Col Bahuguna, due to his close interaction and association with with reputed management institutes, was also invited to a number of top institutes and companies, in the period 2006 to 2011, to give lectures on :

  • Communication skills and Leadership
  • Motivation

Some of these institutes and companies are :

  • IIM, Indore
  • IIM, Lucknow
  • MDI
  • Infosys
  • Wipro
  • Esys
  • Satnam Singh and Co.

Other notable achievements in this field are :

  • Special talks on ‘Gita as a Source of Management’ at IIM, Lucknow and Wipro.
  • Conduct of Psychometric Analysis of students of IIM, Indore in 2012.

Once stability was achieved, complete attention and focus was channelled once again towards the original goal – motivating and training young boys and girls for a career as officers in the defence services.

Now, encouraged by its success and patronage, IMPACT later launched a two year course to prepare students for NDA, as well as engineering entrance exam (JEE) for class XI and XII students. Seeing the tremendous response and results, a conscious decision was, however, taken to concentrate fully on training aspirants for the Armed Forces.  Today, IMPACT has the best success rate in India for aspirants wanting to join the Defence Services. During the past over a decade, IMPACT has risen in prestige to be widely considered as one of the most student friendly, balanced and comprehensive institutes that has seen tremendous academic growth and success.


To contribute meaningfully to the career aspirations of the youth by motivating and training them to join the defence forces as also to initiate them into resolving to be better human beings.


IMPACT has a team of highly mature, dedicated and respectable professionals with proven credentials and passion for transforming the youth. Apart from the curriculum, the faculty attempts to redirect the youth towards positivity, discipline and a meaningful way of living.

IMPACT’s approach to reach beyond the students’ academic performance to life’s basics, ensures holistic development of all students. It also helps to close the gap between those performing at lower and higher levels as also ensure career readiness. IMPACT has a distinctive ethos which is apparent in the way the ex-students maintain their ties with the institute.

What sets IMPACT apart is that the institution is not oriented towards chasing admissions. Admission of a prospective candidate is based on his genuine interest and aspirations. This helps maintain and meet the high academic expectations of both, the student and the teacher, and forges a teacher-student collaboration to create a highly conducive and supportive learning environment.

Following the success of this model, a number of other institutions have, from time to time, entrusted their students to IMPACT for guiding them for the NDA entrance exam.  Today IMPACT’s faculty conducts full time classes for Class XI and XII students of Nishan-e-Sikhi International School, Khadur Sahib (Punjab) and Banda Bahadur Armed Forces Preparatory Institute (AFPI), Fatehgarh Sahib (Punjab), as well as eight months’ courses for girls of Mai Bhago AFPI for Women, Mohali (Punjab) and four months’ courses for boys of Maharaja Ranjit Singh AFPI, Mohali (Punjab).

As a matter of fact, till date, more than 2000 aspirants guided by IMPACT have cleared the NDA / CDS / AFCAT / Naval Academy written examinations, while more than 680 aspirants (including approximately 150 from Maharaja Ranjit Singh AFPI) have cleared the Service Selection Boards.  Amazingly, more than 260 Cadets, present in the NDA today (YES, AT ONE TIME!), trace their success to their association with IMPACT!  Talk about a zooming performance graph!!

That, dear friends, is a brief introduction to the institute that continues to blaze a trail in the field of moulding the youth into persons of substance, while guiding them to a career as officers in the nation’s Armed Forces.  More power to them!

You can know more about IMPACT from the website : https:\\

See you soon!!

Till then, Farewell.



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