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OMR evaluation system

What is OMR?

  • OMR is an important and long prevalent technology in educational and survey industries, recognized for simplifying the assessment and form processing tasks. In simple terms it is a system that identifies human made marks on specially designed OMR sheets.
  • The prime function of the OMR machine is to scan and capture the optical marks on the multiple choice scoring sheets, and save the data into an output file which can be used to perform further analysis. OMR scanning is extremely precise and consistently provides unmatched accuracy when reading data, exceeding the accuracy of expert key-entry clerks because it eliminates transcription

Faster Processing and Result Preparation

  • This technology offers a splendid meme processing speed while evaluating marked answer sheets, as limited information is marked that makes it easy to analyse. The processed stacks of sheets can be analysed to prepare the final scores.

Optimum Efficiency

  • The analysed set of sheets would meet premium quality benchmarks. The result calculation can be verified using simple forefront analysis.

Efficient System

  • The system is extremely secure that ensures easy storage of these documents. The data once analysed can be stored online to have an advanced reach to the processed data.

Minimal Error Quotient

  • The sheets can be stacked in huge bundles and hence, the organizing authorities use an OMR based tool for processing of these documents. The results evaluated have an accurate figure with the zero error count.


  • We at IMPACT, make sure we have the most minute details in order; like comparing every question to the previous test and calculating the difference in performance. This is ensured by using our own printed OMR answer sheets, which are marked by students during mock tests and then put through the best software and scanning equipment. The OMR system is used for all tests; NDA, CDSE, AFCAT, etc.
  • The use of OMR ensures that students appearing for competitive examinations get a first-hand experience of the actual examination conditions, thus, allowing them to approach the actual examinations with added confidence. The software based results also allow the faculty to analyse the performance of the students over a series of tests, as well as give an insight into the areas or, topics which require more attention, thereby enhancing their teaching efficiency and proficiency.

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